The 100 Year Prayer Meeting
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The 100 Year Prayer Meeting
was born
May 26,1700

described as the Rich Young Ruler who said ‘Yes’. At age 6
he impressed people with his prayers. At age 20 he felt the
call do whatever Christ asked, no matter the cost. At age 22,
as heir to one of Europe’s leading royal families, he opened
his property to refugees.

Starting with a group of ten that arrived in December, 1722,
Zinzendorf was hosting ninety by May of 1725, and over 300
by late 1726. The community was given the name
“Herrnhut”, meaning “The Lord’s Watch.” In little time it grew
into a small city of Christian citizenry. From here a number of
missionaries went forth to evangelise.  This was the
beginning of the Moravian movement, which would later play
a part in the conversion of John Wesley.

Zinzendorf renounced his life as a nobleman and is rightly
regarded as
“one of the greatest missionary statesmen of all times”.

Yet, one author speaks of his “arrogance and conceit” and
the gruesome obsession” with our Lord’s physical sufferings
which temporarily nearly wrecked this missionary movement
(From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya, by Ruth Tucker).

From his pen came 2000 hymns, many of which still appear
in church hymnals, including:

Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness,
my beauty are, my glorious dress.
’midst flaming worlds in these arrayed,
with joy shall I lift up my head!

The Moravian community was well organised but soon fell
into jealousy, division and discord. Zinzendorf sought to
address this and in August 1727 the community was moved
to repentance and experienced a powerful outpouring of the
Holy Spirit.

Zinzendorf died in Herrnhut on 9 May, 1760
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