Charles Haddon Spurgeon
(June 19, 1834 – January 31, 1892)
Pastored in London England from 1855 to 1892.  
He preached over 6,000 sermons and
(over 2%) of which were on prayer.

Over the 37 years of his preaching
he preached on prayer every 3.4 months.  
His frequency indicates his appreciation for prayer and is a key to his
abundant blessings in ministry

In this 21st century it seems that preachers seldom, if ever, preach on this
subject. If pastors would preach on prayer once a quarter and mandate a
prayer meeting like Spurgeon had the church today would be in much better
conditon than it is.

Below are the 130 sermons
A Call To Prayer And Testimony
C.H. Spurgeon's Sermons on Prayer
A Definite Challenge For Definite Prayer
A Free Grace Promise
A Golden Prayer
A Most Needful Prayer Concerning the Holy Spirit
A Poor Man's Cry and What Came of It
A Prayer For Everybody
A Prayer For Revival
A Prayer For The Church Militant
A Programme Never Carried Out
A Sermon For The Week of Prayer
A Singular Plea In Prayer
A Sweet Silver Bell Ringing In Each Believer's Heart
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Spurgeon's Sermons on Prayer
A Troubled Prayer
A Visit From The Lord
A Warning to Waverers
Achsah's Asking A Pattern of Prayer
Ask And Have
At School
Before Day Break with Christ
Behold He Prayeth
Carte Blanche
Christ's Negative and Positive Prayer
Christ's Pastoral Prayer for His People
Christ's Prayer and Plea
Christ's Prayer For Believers
Christ's Prayer for His People
Christ's Prayer for Peter
Comfort For Those Whose Prayers are Feeble
Concerning Prayer
Constant Instant Expectant
Daniel Facing The Lions Den
David's Dying Prayer
David's Prayer in the Cave
Desires Towards God A Sermon for the Weak
Ejaculatory Prayer
Elijah's Plea
Encouragements To Prayer
Enquire Of The Lord
Essential Points In Prayer
God's Answer to Persistent Prayer
Golden Vials Full Of Odors
Good News For The Destitute
Heman's Sorrowful Psalm
Hindrances To Prayer
Humility The Friend Of Prayer
Incense And Light
Intercessory Prayer Job 13:10
Intercessory Prayer Psalm
Jacob's Model Prayer
Jacob's Model Prayer
Jesus Interceding For Transgressors
Let Us Pray
My Hourly Prayer
My Own Personal Holdfast
My Prayer
Opening The Mouth
Order and Argument
Ordered Steps
Our Lord's Prayer for His People's Sanctification
Paul's First Prayer
Peter's Prayer
Peter's Shortest Prayer
Pleading For Prayer
Pleading Not Contradiction
Pleading Prayer
Pray Always Pray
Pray For Jesus
Pray Without Ceasing
Prayer Answered Love Nourished
Prayer Certified Of Success
Prayer For The Church
Prayer Found In The Heart
Prayer Its Discouragements and Encouragements
Prayer Meeting
Prayer Perfumed with Praise
Prayer The Cure For Care
Prayer The Forerunner of Mercy
Prayer The Proof of Godliness
Prayer To God In Trouble an Acceptable Sacrifice
Prayerful Importunity
Praying And Pleading
Praying And Waiting
Praying In The Holy Ghost
Preparing For The Week of Prayer
Reasons For A Singular Question
Restraining Prayer
Robinson Crusoe's Text
Samuel An Example Of Intercession
Sickness and Prayer Healing and Praise
Special Protracted Prayer
Spiritual Knowledge And Its Practical Results
Taking Hold Upon God
Thanksgiving And Prayer
The Child Samuel's Prayer
The Conditions Of Power in Prayer
The Dawn Of Revival or Prayer Speedily Answered
The Filling Of Empty Vessels
The Golden Key Of Prayer
The Holy Spirit's Intercession
The Importunate Widow
The Lord With Two Or Three
The Master Key Opening the Gate of Heaven
The Mediation Of Moses
The Place Of Prayer and Pardon
The Poor Man's Prayer
The Power Of Prayer and the Pleasure of Praise
The Prayer Of Jabez
The Preparatory Prayers of Christ
The Ravens Cry
The Redeemer's Prayer
The Secret Of Power In Prayer
The Shulamites Choice Prayer
The Special Prayer Meeting
The Student's Prayer
The Throne of Grace
The Touchstone Of Godly Sincerity
The Two Guards Praying and Watching
The Young Man's Prayer
Thought Reading Extraordinary
True Prayer True Power
Unanswered Prayer
Unseasonable Prayer
Watch Night Service
When Should We Pray
Where Is The God Of Elijah
Where True Prayer Is Found
Wordless Prayers Heard In Heaven
Young Man A Prayer for You
The 100 Year Prayer Meeting
John Gill on Prayer
B.B. Warfield
Supplying resource material for praying believers and their leaders on:
Prayer and The Prayer Meeting
Other Subjects:  The Attributes of God, The Death of Christ.
Spurgeon's Prayers

Taken from the following books:
C.H. Spurgeon's Prayers
The Pastor in Prayer
Behold the Throne of Grace

Many of these prayers of Spurgeon have been “personalized” by taking the
Elizabethan language out and replacing it with contemporary language such as:
“Thee” and “thou” replaced with “you”, and “taketh” replaced with take or taken.
References like “London” have been replace with “city”. Sometimes sentences have
been omitted because they don't have any meaning for today, this is indicated by
showing a series of periods (…..) .
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