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J. Sidlow Baxter
J. Sidlow Baxter
(born in Australia,1903 died 1999)
was a pastor and theologian who authored as many as thirty
books (depending on how anthologies and collections of
sermons are to be counted) analysing the Bible and
advocating a fundamentalist Christian theological perspective.
His most popular work was Explore the Book, a 1760 page
tome that analyses and summarizes each book of the Bible.

Baxter was raised in Lancashire, England, and attended
Spurgeon's College in London before pastoring in England.
His early campaigns in Essex in about 1926 survive in the
Memories of C. Everett.
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The Homiletical Style of J Sidlow Baxter in MSWord

J. Sidlow had a unique style and delivery of preaching.
He clearly had an anointing of the Holy Spirit.
Below is a description of his style.
The Doctrine Of The Lamb Part 1

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Explore the Book
A six volume analysis of the Bible

Our High Calling
A series of devotional and practical studies in the New
Testament doctrine of personal sanctification

A New Call to Holiness
A Restudy and Restatement of New Testament Teaching
concerning Christian Sanctification

His Deeper Work in Us
A further enquiry into New Testament teaching on the subject
of Christian Holiness

The last three books have an original and fresh treatment
of sanctification, holiness and
the believers relation to the Holy Spirit.
They are still in the proof reading stage.
Below are links to view or download these three books.
His Deeper Work In Us in MSWord
Our High Calling in MSWord
A New Call to Holiness in MSWord
The Doctrine Of The Lamb Part 2
The Doctrine Of The Lamb Part 3
Dr. Baxter's Testimony
Ephesian Practicality of the Holy Spirit
Five Difficulties of the Christian Life
For Me To Live Is Christ
Portrait Of The Saviour
That I May Know Him
Victory Over The Flesh
A New Call to Holiness in pdf
His Deeper Work In Us in pdf
Our High Calling in pdf
The Homiletical Style of J Sidlow Baxter in pdf