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A congregation without a prayer meeting is
essentially defective in its organization, and
so must be limited in its efficiency.
The Prayer Meeting and Its History, J. B. Johnston
The author is well aware that gatherings for prayer in the evangelical church assume
many different forms and structures, modes of address and posture. The main aim of
this book is not particularly to address these issues, but to concentrate on the
Biblical principles, especially relating to corporate prayer. It is to be hoped that any
differences in these realms which the reader may encounter from his own
experience, will not inhibit serious consideration of the basic emphasis of the book.
Although situated in the United Kingdom, I believe that the principles espoused, are
capable of universal application.

It is surely a phenomenon of some import that the subject of the necessity of vital
prayer is one that all shades of evangelical opinion can find much mutual agreement
upon, as perhaps they cannot on many other subjects or doctrines. Yet, sadly, this
fundamental need is relegated to minimal practice, consideration, or discussion. The
lack of ministry relating to the subject of prayer, from church pulpit to Conference
platform, is surely one of the great tragedies of the modern church. If this is coupled
to a general absence of teaching to the present generation of Christians on the vital
subject of how to pray, either personally or corporately, then we might have some
indication of a major reason why the church has succumbed to so much humanistic
philosophy and pragmatism in the contemporary apostate age, leading often to the
relegation of the prayer meeting as an anachronism in modern evangelical church

Pastor Jim Handyside
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Melt the Icebergs!
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