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Needs vs. Worship Based Corporate Prayer
Needs Based vs. Worship Based
Corporate Prayer

Which kind of "Prayer Meeting" praying do you prefer?

Which kind of "Prayer Meeting" praying does God prefer?
Needs Based
Worship Based
Defines “prayer” as “asking and
receiving” or “getting things from God”
Defines “prayer” as an exercise of
worship. Prayer is not a grocery list or
an organ recital.
The focus is on ourselves and our
The focus is the Person of God.
This kind of prayer meeting is boring
and just dead.
This kind of prayer meeting is alive
with the presence of the eternal living
Five minutes of this kind of praying
seems like an hour.
An hour of this kind of praying seems
like Five minutes.
This is like a teenager when he wants
money, something to eat, a change of
clothes or the keys to the car.
This is like a child that just wants to
spend time with his Father and enjoy
His presence
If we touch God God’s heart  - - - -
We will have the blessing of His hand.
Needs Based prayer is a grocery list
of our problems.
Worship Based prayer is a celebration
of our problem solver.
As we pray with focus on ourselves
and our needs we become more
dissatisfied with life.  
As we pray together in worship-based
prayer we draw near to God and are
conformed to Him.
We can understand our needs only
after we--
Have worship and submitted to God.
According to Mat 6:33   “and all these
things will be added to you.”
When you " first His kingdom
and His righteousness,
It must grieve the Spirit of God when
we ask for more
When we haven’t thanked and praised
God for what He has already given.

Which kind of praying honors God the most?

A congregation without a prayer meeting is essentially defective in its organization, and
so must be limited in its efficiency.
The Prayer Meeting and Its History, J. B. Johnston
Needs vs Worship Based Corporate Prayer MSWord