The 100 Year Prayer Meeting
John Gill on Prayer
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Prayer and The Prayer Meeting
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Only a Prayer Meeting
Spurgeon once wrote in " The Sword and the Trowel" :

" A Wesleyan minister lately said that he was never more surprised in
his life than when he dropped into the Tabernacle, and found the
ground-floor and part of the gallery filled at a Prayer-meeting. He
believed that such a thing was almost without a parallel in London,
and that it accounted for the success of the ministry. We concur in his
impartial judgment. Will not all the churches try the power of prayer?"

A congregation without a prayer meeting is essentially defective in its organization,
and so must be limited in its efficiency.
The Prayer Meeting and Its History, J. B. Johnston
Only a Prayer Meeting
C. H. Spurgeon
Prayer Meetings
Tony Capoccia