The 100 Year Prayer Meeting
John Gill on Prayer
B.B. Warfield
Supplying resource material for praying believers and their leaders on:
Prayer and The Prayer Meeting
Other Subjects:  The Attributes of God, The Death of Christ.
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National Pastors’ Prayer Network
c/o Pastor Phil Miglioratti
1130 Randville Drive 1D
Palatine, IL 60074
Harvest Prayer Ministry
Dave & Kim Butts
619 Washington Ave.
Terre Haute, IN 47802

First and foremost, Harvest Prayer Ministries is Teaching — Weekend seminars, local
church prayer conferences, Church Prayer Leaders Network national and regional
conferences, Learning to Love to Pray seminars.  In all of these places and events, the
staff of HPM is teaching about prayer, helping churches, families, and individuals do a
better job of talking to and listening to the Father.
Second, HPM is Resources our goal is to be everything prayer. Recently we launched
PrayerShop Publishing, which develops and produces books, booklets, prayer guides and
teaching DVDs and CDs. Our Prayer Resource Store makes available the best of prayer
resources. Currently more than 400 prayer resources are available in our store. We are
the sole distributor for 40 Days of Prayer materials, a devotional series teaching about
Pastors' Prayer Summits
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a Fresh Encounters Seminar

The College of Prayer