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On January 28, 2004, Dr. S. Lewis Johnson passed away at age eighty-eight. He was
a Biblical scholar and theologian of rare abilities and of international renown, and he
was a beloved friend. His influence on my own ministry would be difficult to measure.
The hundreds of tapes of his preaching and teaching have gone free of charge to
thousands of people all over the world, and it was by means of these tapes that I first
became acquainted with him. When he first came to preach for me I asked the
congregation if any had previously heard him. No one had, but I was quick to assure
them all that they had indeed heard him often! Over the years he came to speak at our
church and at our pastors' conference many times, and even in his latest years it was
challenging and blessed to hear him expound the Word of God with such precision and

Dr. Johnson was born in Birmingham, AL and grew up in Charleston, SC. He was
always quick to assure everyone that his smooth, dignified, and pleasant southern
accent was actually "English in its pure form." He graduated from the College of
Charleston with an B.A. degree in 1937 and was converted through the teaching of Dr.
Donald Grey Barnhouse while in the insurance business in Birmingham. He left the
insurance business in 1943 to enter Dallas Theological Seminary, from which he
received the Th.M (1946) and Th.D. (1949) degrees. He completed further graduate
work at the University of Edinburgh, Southern Methodist University, and in the
University of Basel. Remaining at Dallas Seminary Dr. Johnson was Professor of New
Testament from 1950 to 1972 and Professor of Systematic Theology from 1972 to
1977. He later served as Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Trinity
Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL, and as Visiting Professor of Systematic
Theology at Tyndale Theological Seminary, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dr. Johnson
preached and lectured in many places, large and small, taught countless home Bible
studies, and was involved in starting several churches. In 1963 he and others planted
Believers' Chapel in Dallas, and it is from the Chapel that so many thousands of his
tapes have gone to the benefit of countless people.

He was in so many ways a man to emulate. He was a true gentleman. He was always
personable and a great delight in conversation. His humor was always good, and his
wit was always quick. He was a careful student of the Scriptures with unusually
superior abilities as an exegete and theologian. His abilities with the original
languages were clearly superior, and when discussion began he would always lead
from his Greek and Hebrew text. He was a man of conviction, willing to step down from
a noted career rather than surrender his beliefs. He was passionate for the gospel,
and his heart was always hot for Christ. He was a humble and godly man. I have said
many times that if God would allow me to grow old as gracefully and as saintly as Dr.
Johnson I would become proud and ruin it. He was a model scholar, a model teacher,
a model preacher, a model friend, and a model Christian. He was that rare
combination of so many abilities and virtues. I thank God for him and feel much the
poorer without him.

Among his greatest passions was the faithful expounding of the nature of Christ's
atoning work. He clearly cherished any and every opportunity to demonstrate from the
Scriptures the success and effectiveness of Christ's death as a substitute for His
people. And when it was his turn to listen, elderly though he was, he would sit right up
front with his Greek and Hebrew Bible in hand. And though virtually every speaker he
would hear would necessarily be a man of comparatively inferior abilities, he seemed
always just to delight in hearing the Word of God preached. And afterwards he was
always eager to fellowship with younger preachers and laymen alike and discuss the
things of Christ and examine the Word of God together.

The last time I spoke with Dr. Johnson, about a month or so ago, it was evident that he
was growing tired and frail. He fell ill earlier this month, but his illness was brief before
the Lord took him home to glory. He leaves behind him his wonderful wife Martha
whom we love dearly also, and our prayers are now for her. By his tape ministry I came
to love Dr. S. Lewis Johnson before I ever knew him, and I count it a great blessing to
have known him. Probably no one outside my own father has taught me more, and few
could ever be more beloved. I praise the Lord for him.
A Tribute to Dr. S. Lewis Johnson
by Fred G. Zaspel
January 30, 2004
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